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One planet, one society
Who we are
We are a non-governmental, non-profit organization focused on climate change, environment, water resources management, air quality monitoring, healthcare as well as implementing innovative monitoring solutions.

We provide information for governments, private entities, and citizens to help them making better decisions to preserve people's health.
Peter Jones
DR. Jeyhun Hajiyev MD, PhD
Dr. Vugar Huseynov MD, PhD
Our consultants
What we do
Environmental Authorities

Help Environmental Responsible Authorities (ERA) to promote policies, regulations, and clean-air initiatives while mitigating the early stage project risk by raising funds for initial investments

Private Entities

Developing air-quality monitoring
solutions so private entities can
comply with environmental
regulations or create corporate
social responsibility initiatives


Provide citizens with access to
air-quality data to protect
themselves against pollution

Join the movement
Work with environmental authorities to raise funds to implement an air quality data management solution

Design a comprehensive baseline project to support the implementation

Support the technical and financial due diligence for funding institutions

Project Development
Develop CSR or compliance projects for launch

Citizen Science
Provide digital solutions for citizens to protect themselves against air pollution

Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Global Markets and Director General of the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service Arun Venkataraman, who is visiting Azerbaijan on April 2-4, joined Azerbaijani energy officials at the U.S.-Azerbaijan Green Energy Forum in Baku on April 3. The Forum – a partnership between the Department of State and Azerbaijani Ministry of Energy, Renewable Energy Agency, and AZPROMO –promotes green energy solutions and focuses on green energy strategies and opportunities for the region and provides immense opportunities for U.S. renewable energy companies.

The forum featured nine U.S. businesses seeking to contribute to the development of Azerbaijan’s clean energy ecosystem. Attending companies bring U.S. technical and financial expertise to help Azerbaijan’s goal to reduce economic dependence on oil and gas exports and capitalize on the country’s strong renewable energy potential, including its solar and wind resources. Renewable energy, together with energy efficiency, also offers the most promising low-carbon solution to meet Azerbaijan’s climate targets.

At the forum, Deputy Minister of Energy Elnur Soltanov stated: “the choice of the right time for the development of various energy sources, the succession of far-sighted political decisions, and the decisive steps of the President of Azerbaijan, their complementarity contributed to the energy security not only of ourselves but also of our partners and ensure the smooth transition to green energy.”  He provided information about Azerbaijan’s strategic goals and projects in the field of renewable energy as well as opportunities for foreign investment.  Deputy Minister Soltanov also said, “These production capacities, which are planned to be put into use gradually by 2040, are way more than our demand, and our potential is also way more than the mentioned capacities to be created.”

The Co-Founder of the NGO Healthy Nature Healthy Life, Dr. Vugar Huseynov attended in the forum as a speaker and talked about the efficiency of using green energy and the impact of the carbon footprint on the human health system.

"Basics of project management" training was held for 100 newly established NGOs

The closing ceremony of the "Basics of Project Management" training was held at ADA University, jointly organized by the State Support Agency for Non-Governmental Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Institute of Development and Diplomacy of ADA University. About 100 NGOs that have been established in recent years participated in the training.

Nargiz Ismayilova, head of the Specialization Programs of the Development and Diplomacy Institute of ADA, said that this training is useful and will contribute to the development of NGOs.

Tural Aliyev, the representative of the Department of Work and Communication with Non-Governmental Organizations of the Presidential Administration, noted that it is commendable that the organizations that have just joined the NGO family form a competitive environment by increasing their knowledge and skills: "Today, Azerbaijan's civil society is mature, its ranks are strong. However, the main driving force of development is progressive ideas - new ideas, innovations, initiatives.
Having fully ensured its territorial integrity and sovereignty, the independent Republic of Azerbaijan has entered a new stage of development. Many topics and issues that were relevant until yesterday have become obsolete or lost their importance. Now there are new challenges. We expect activity, initiative and innovation from Azerbaijani NGOs in this process."

Azer Allahverenov, a member of the Supervisory Board of the State Support Agency for NGOs, said that it is the third time that the "Development and Exchange Program" has been organized by the Agency. About 300 NGOs benefited from this opportunity.

Trainers - Jeyhun Mammadbeyli, Nargiz Azizova, Tural Mammadov thanked the participants for their activity.

At the end of the training, the certificates of the Agency and ADA University were presented to NGOs that showed successful results.
We have participated and can implement air quality monitoring solutions through our strong partnership with word class providers and funding institutions.
Clear Air Initiative in London

An ambitious community project working to improve air quality in London.

Working closely with residents, businesses, community groups, and local government, we act as a technology partner to run initiatives and provide resources for those who care about their environment.
Street Level Air Quality Data for Citizens of Baku

In Baku, the pollution level (PM, O3, NO2) regularly exceeds WHO standards , and according to Forbes, Baku remains one of the most
polluted cities in the world.

The design is aimed to deploy a high-density air quality monitoring network to support governments, industries, and citizens to improve the worldwide air quality and minimize the terrible effects of air pollution Baku authorities will receive a comprehensive scientific evaluation of air pollution in the zones identified, disaggregated by area, type, and level of pollutants.
Assessments of Air Quality in Cities

We provide various reports evaluating air quality as part of urban improvement projects.

Concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3), and particulate matter (PM2.5& PM10) are continuously monitored by air quality sensors in city locations.
Strong Funding Institution

We are excited to look forward to active collaboration with globally recognized institutions to achieve synergies through joint efforts, capacity-building, and policy support, to develop Air Quality Monitoring Solutions, contributing to preserving people's health.
Leading the fight against air pollution

AirScape is driven by the basic human right to breathe clean air, and It is committed to developing long-term, sustainable air quality systems.

We have developed a strategic partnership with AirScape combining the capacity to create opportunities to public good and the advanced technology, to save lives and improve the well-being of millions of people around the world.
CSR Funding business concept
Development Public Private Partnership

National and regional governments face significant challenges in financing projects that fight air pollution, particularly in the middle of the most recent efforts to address the massive vaccination of their citizens against COVID.

We work with governments to find models of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) that improve air quality initiatives while generating additional resources for governments to fund social projects.

Friends of “Healthy Nature Healthy Life” Hospice
The “Healthy Nature Healthy Life” Charitable Foundation is about helping people who cannot be cured, but who can be given the gift of warmth and care. It doesn't matter how much time is ahead, what matters is how today's day goes.

 I am pleased to welcome you and thank you for your attention to our Healthy Nature Healthy Life website.  I hope that by visiting the page of the hospice you will receive up-to-date, complete and comprehensive information about the structure and activities of our hospice, the services it provides, the legal regulation of hospice care in Azerbaijan, Baku, about the possibilities of palliative care specialists, vacancies, news and the needs of the institution.
Hospice is a medical organization for providing palliative care to people of all age groups in hospitals and at home, the main principles of which are availability, free of charge, humanity to provide palliative care to patients.
According to the definition of World Health Organization, palliative care for patients is active, comprehensive care of physical condition of human being, his psyche and soul, and support of his family members. It starts from the moment of diagnosis and continues during the whole period of the disease, including the ongoing radical treatment.
A large number of patients in Azerbaijan are in need of palliative care services.
What is behind these words: "palliative care"? For us it is professional daily work of our hospice staff: nurses, doctors, medical psychologists, caregivers, volunteers and others. This is unique multidisciplinary team of specialists, who not only have huge experience in medical organization, but also have amazing spiritual qualities - love for their work, because every patient wants to live, to enjoy their children, grandchildren, to help them, even with severe, incurable disease.
Who helps us? - You are not indifferent people who care about people in our country, in our city, outside the window of each of us, these are our supporters and assistants, everyone helps what he can, these are charitable organizations and individuals, volunteers and everyone - who supports our activity.

Our vision.
Every person in need of medical care, regardless of his or her nationality, religion, position, social status, wealth, or political views, must receive full medical care and spend the last days and months of his or her life with dignity.
Our goal.
The organization of a medical charitable institution, that is hospice, consisting of professional doctors and nurses (nurses, nurses), teachers, volunteers to provide the necessary medical, psychological assistance to the terminally ill and moral support to their families.
Every sick person to live his life and illness in the best of all possible conditions by improving the quality of life in every possible way.
Our objectives.
Treatment andservice of cancer patients, patients with profound neurological disorders, disorders of vital functions, regardless of age categories, in order to realize the rights of citizens to receiving a guaranteed volume of medical and social assistance, providing them with specialized oncological treatment, including palliative care, specialized neurological treatment, skilled care, psycho-social rehabilitation, as well as psychological support for relatives during their illness and loss of a loved one.
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